Recruiting Specialists in the
Chicagoland Area


It’s this simple.

Our team provides clients with placeable candidates, at an affordable rate, and in a timely manner. Now if this sounds pretty straightforward, it’s because it is, and so are we at MCI-Search Pros!

We Place a Wide Variety of Skilled and Unskilled Professionals

Core Focus

Manufacturing, Medical, Production, Transportation and Logistics


Fork-lift operators (sit down and stand-up), admin, driver/general laborer, CDL/ drivers, machinists, warehouse drivers/workers, construction, HVAC, production laborers, mechanics, shipping & receiving (picker/packer), production supervisor, and line workers, logistics and dental hygienists to name a few!


We don’t exaggerate our candidate database, extol the virtues of our latest tech gizmos, or talk about companies we’ve recruited for! And another thing, we don’t have quotas, or for that matter KPI’s, but we’re not above occasionally sending you an FYI. Not everyday though. We’re not that annoying!

MCI-Search Pros find solutions for problems you’re currently having finding permanent hires…we’re Direct Hire only, no temps or Contract workers!

We do this by getting to know your business inside and out, finding out what roles need immediate attention, and why they aren’t being filled? We then take your information and use that as the basis for our job ads so we attract the right people with the right skillset. Not only do we use job boards, but we network and use referrals. Another thing, we work on contingency, so you don’t pay until you hire our candidates. So the onus is on us to find them, or we don’t get paid. FYI, we really hate the don’t get paid part! Ouch!


We’re an independent agency made up of a few dedicated recruiters (labor, medical, and engineering) ready to help fill your open positions with the most qualified candidates — and all of this without breaking the bank. BTW, we didn’t just graduate from college either, or fall off the turnip truck, just in case you were wondering??

For general labor positions, we charge a flat *10% fee (gross yearly salary), 10-day pay, 30-day guarantee. MCI-Search Pros replaces any candidate that quits, disappears into thin air, or is fired, within the first 30 days.
**Placement fees for upper-level positions vary.

Note: If the fee (10%) was any lower than that we’d lose our shirt, so NO it’s NOT negotiable. That’s how we roll!

Now wasn't that simple?


Mary M. Coogan, MCI-Search Pros​
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**Placement fees vary depending on the type of position, current in-demand candidate, and gross yearly salary.